The Journey of Frances Harper

Topics: Black people, American Civil War, African American Pages: 4 (1289 words) Published: September 9, 2013
The Journey of Frances Harper
During the 19th century Frances Ellen Watkins harper was an African American writer, lecturer, and political activist who promoted women rights, temperance, and civil rights. She was one of the best American Literature writers during her time. For her to be African American showed that she wanted to be successful because back then African Americans didn’t know how to read or write. During Harpers Career, Maryland made a law prohibiting any free blacks from entering or returning to the state. If she was caught in her home of Maryland, she would be imprisoned or enslaved. (Campbell 161). That law didn’t stop Harper from being successful, she strived to get her writing career started and continued to achieve the goals that she had planned. Being in organizations and helping others, harper changed lives for many African Americans and also gave them hope. While she wrote against slavery, she also broke away from the mode of the anti-slavery poet, becoming one of the first African American writers to focus on national and universal issues. Today, in the canon of American literature, she is considered an important abolitionist poet whose works possess greater historic than artistic significance.( Wall 182) Frances Ellen Watkins Harper is best known for her poetry and fiction stories, and has become a huge impact on American literature today.

On September, 24, 1825 harper was born in Baltimore Maryland. She was an orphan at a young age after her mother died in 1828. Her parents were unknown because they were slaves. Harpers Uncle William Watkins educated her at his academy of Negro youth where she received her education and learned about civil rights. (181) at age fourteen harper found a job in a Quaker house. She did chores and other tasks and was a fast worker. The Armstrong’s were a white family in Baltimore who appreciated Harper and treated her with respect. (Graham I) Mr. Armstrong had a library in his house. When harper had free...
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