“the Other Foot” Essay Final

Topics: Black people, Race and Ethnicity, White people Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: February 21, 2013
“The Other Foot” Essay Final

"The Other Foot" by Ray Bradbury is a thought-provoking short story about prejudice and racism. Equality must be present to maintain balance, peace, and structure in society, and Bradbury demonstrates this in his story set on Mars in 1985. The inhabitants of Mars are all Black, and flew to this distant planet seeking equality. Bradbury conveys his message by showing a process of equality taking place in this society where trouble brews when the peace is disrupted by the appearance of a White man. In Ray Bradbury’s story “The Other Foot”, Bradbury narrates a story about segregation between African Americans and Whites that is set on Mars and how equality and an ending towards racism, and second chances are achieved because when people are able to accept others, good change follows. Humans possess the power to act with change, but second chances are often needed and given, as represented in “The Other Foot”, and result in great change. "The Other Foot" by Ray Bradbury is a thought-provoking short story about prejudice and racism. The story is set in a small town on Mars in 1985, where all its inhabitants are Black. The Blacks had originated from Earth, but migrated to Mars in attempt for a better, more accepting society, as well as equality which they did not receive on Earth. Throughout the story, Willie is filled with hatred of his past experiences, which drive him to lead a reestablishment of the Jim Crow system of racial division where the white people are considered second-class citizens to the blacks. Once Willie realizes that the Earth is “cleansed” of its horrible and scarring past though, he approaches the astronauts plea for help with an open heart with the help of his wife, Hattie. Hattie acted as a humanitarian, and wanted to give the Earth people a second chance because she believed that everyone could change. She believed in humans, and the power that they possessed, enough to forgive......
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