The State of Black America

Topics: Black people, United Kingdom, Prison Pages: 6 (2137 words) Published: August 5, 2009
The State of Black America

As of today the state of Black America is at a place where there is a lot of work that has to be done. The Black America has made many strides in the right direction the community is still lacking in many ways. The black community is one that is not unified as it should be. Blacks don’t control the communities that they live in or have a real say so about what goes on in them. The black youth in America seems to have a plight that is continuously worsening.

The state of Black America has changed for the better in many ways and for the worst in some ways. It seems that some of the black community feels that we have made it when this is totally not the case. It’s like there have been many doors opened but we have yet to utilize what is on the other side of these door that have been opened. The point that black America stands at today must changed.

I feel that the black community is not unified as it should be. The family system in many black communities is almost non existent. The absence of the family system brings about a me against the world attitude that slows the progression and togetherness of the group as a hold. If the black community was more of a group fighting for the same cause there would be more steady progression within the group. Also the black community has big problems when it comes to the clashes between generations. The clashes keep different generations from working together instead they bash each other for there differences not realizing though they are not mirror images of each other they are alike in many ways. Another big problem in the black community is that when people become successful they run from the area that they grew up in. When many people do this they claim a false identity and forget about the struggles they overcome and how where they cam from made them stronger. When people make it and abandoned the old community they leave the leaders of tomorrow with less role model to look up so they are not familiar as many success stories as they should be. This must changed we need to not run from our community we need to stay and help build them up or at least contribute to them in some way shape or form for the greater of the leaders of the future.

In many cities across America where blacks live their neighborhoods are not owned or controlled by them. They are full of nail shops, dollar stores, gas stations and restaurants ran by foreigners and also patrolled by police who are outsiders. This is something that has to change black people must take back their communities from the outsiders. Black people need to take a step back to the time when Black Nationalism was popular. We must begin to support black business and become self sufficient and not dependent on people to feed, cloth, and police us. Once we accomplish this we will be better of and a step closer to having power in America.

The State of Black youth in America is one that is very disturbing. The black youth in America are behind in many different areas when compared to others. They have a higher dropout rate than other groups. Black youth that do attend school are subjected to learning in poorly equipped schools with teachers who are sometimes not qualified and don’t have the child’s best interest in hand. The problem with the education with the schools blacks attend is a big part of the problem with their success rate. Though more black kids are attending college they usually don’t finish because they were poorly prepared for the rigors of college at the lower levels of schooling. Many black youth are then left thinking that being truly successful is not in there future and turn to dead end jobs, illegal activity, or they joined the armed forces thinking that is the only way that they will be successful. They main problem that must be fixed is the gun violence that is taking place among black youth. Every time a kid is killed we lose to youth the one who is killed and the one...
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