Three Strike Rule

Topics: Crime, Criminal law, Criminal justice Pages: 2 (794 words) Published: April 13, 2014
In todays society we struggle to enforce crime and reflect deterrence. This is why we have criminologist who study the behaviors of our criminals. They study hard day in and day out to find ways to deter crime. It is hard to stop crime because of all the other variables that may be included in the crime. The system may be willing to change but are you? In class we have discovered many different ways the criminal justice system can be and is modeled. A few models we spoke about were the interracial view of crime, conflict view of crime and consensus view of crime. These models just are examples of how some systems operate. Another way the criminal justice system enforces crime is by the three strikes law. Only twenty-four states have adopted this law. What this law basically does is give the criminal three chances to avoid major jail time. After the third time you get into trouble with the law your doing twenty-five to life in jail without no parole. Ouch! Currently the state of New Jersey has this law. There are certain guidelines and restrictions to this law though. In some states in order for this to be taken into action your third criminal offense must be a serious felony. For example Washington includes non-violent felonies to qualify as a strike. Though it seems that this would be somewhat more affective since this risks more of a threat to one who thinking of committing a crime. This enables more opportunity to earn a strike. It defiantly inflicts more fear on the individuals. I think taking these people out of society is our best bet. They need to de put away so that they don’t continue corrupting our society and reoffending and influencing others. Clearly they are up to no good and have nothing good to offer to our citizens if they chose to commit a serious crime not only once but three times. For our own safety it is better to put them away and separate the haves and the have nots. These criminals are repeat offenders they clearly are not trying to do...
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