Timeline of Tennessee Civil Rights 1 1

Topics: Black people, Tennessee, African American Pages: 4 (1631 words) Published: July 25, 2015
19461. In Columbia, Tennessee the repair of a radio brought national attention to light on the civil rights issue as follows 19542. Prior to the United States Supreme Court ruling in Brown v Topeka Board of Education, which Tennessee Schools of higher education integrated by admitting Blacks as divinity students Nashville’s Scaritt College and Vanderbilt University Divinity students a decision that changed Nashville’s role in the movement. 19543. In Tennessee we had two United States Senators and nine members of the House of Representatives, and eleven men responded to the Southern Manifesto by proclaiming, “The Southern States would resist desegregation at all costs.” 19564. Local school leaders responded when a judge ordered Anderson County, Tennessee, to accept black students by the “Fall of 1956.” The school administrators are prepared to comply. 19565. The reason why outsiders came to Clinton, Tennessee was to stir up the opposition to the integration. John Kasper was a vocal segregationist from Washington, D.C., Kasper also asked for rallies and pickets to protest any student attending Clinton. Judge Robert Taylor issued a restraining order against John Kasper forbidding him from being able to interfere with integration. Kasper held a meeting that had 1,500 people, Taylor ordered his arrest. Kasper is in jail, Asa Carter, a white pro-segregationist from Mississippi, he was in charge of the opposition. When whites overturned cars, threatened to dynamite city buildings, and smashed windows out this is due to a riot that broke out. 19566.White segregationists caused riots to stop caused riots to stop Clinton schools from integrating however, the citizens formed a “ home guard” and waited for the state law enforcement officers to arrive even though they tried to protect their town.They had words with the white mob. 7. Tennessee Governor Frank Clement agreed that they needed help to call out the National Guard. Clement sent 100...
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