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Top Ten World’s Young Geniuses
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Kim Ung-Yong making history as the highest IQ person and Gregory Smith being nominated a Nobel Peace Prize are among top ten world’s young geniuses.

Kim Ung-Yong: The world’s highest IQ
According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Kim Ung-Yong has the highest IQ of anyone on Earth and is the most intelligent man alive today. He was able to read in Japanese, Korean, German and English by the age of four and solved complicated calculus problems at his fifth birthday. The superman was invited to America byNASA in 1969 and got a Ph.D. in physics from Colorado State University before he was 15. As of 2007, he serves as an adjunct faculty at Chungbuk National University.


On Japanese television, he focused on his proficiency in Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog, German, English, Japanese, and Korean

Gregory Smith: Nobel Peace Prize nominee at the age of 12
Gregory Smith, born in 1990, could read at the age of two and entered the university at 10. He is the founder of International Youth Advocates, an organization promoting principles of peace and understanding among young people worldwide. The genius had opportunities to meet Bill Clinton, Mikhail Gorbachev and speak in front of the United Nation.

Smith has been nominated four times for a Nobel Peace Prize

Akrit Jaswal: The seven year-old surgeon
Akrit Jaswal is regarded as the Indian smartest man at his age with his IQ of 146. He performed the first medical procedure without experience of surgery and formal medical training when managing to free fingers of a girl whose hand had been burnt in a fire. She can now use her hand again. Akrit Jaswal is the youngest student ever to be accepted by an Indian University.

He has displayed his phenomenal intelligence on medicine and studied for a science degree at Chandigarh College

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