Trainspotting Essay

Topics: Heroin, Irvine Welsh, Boy Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: August 21, 2013

1) Summary:
’’Trainspotting’’ is a fictionary film focusing on a young boy: Mark Renton and his friends who live in the depressed and grimy side of the big city Edinburgh. Like most of friends Mark does heroin to escape the stress and pain of the modern-day life, he also loves the rush that he gets from drug. Mark stands without a job and therefor has no other way of financing his expensive habit than to do shoplifting, robberies and mugging people on the street. At last he goes to rehab and goes to London where he finds a nice apartment, a legal source of income and just some peace in general. However his old friends offer him a very nice deal that gets him back in the world of drugs and crime. In the end he runs off with all the money that he and friends retrieve from the deal. 2) Settings:

The film takes place in Edinburgh in the dark and gritty environment. The film doesn't directly tell what time it is set, and instead it hints its timeline through the music, clothes and football that they watch. There are throughout the film, some suggestions that it may actually be set in the early 1990s, such as the techno music and a scene on which the characters talk about "Russian" sailors’’. The film could be set from anywhere between the 80’s to 1993 where the novel was released. The places that the boys go to are dirty, poor and it’s definitely not in the upper-class that they live in. Also their apartment is messy, no beds and there is needles and crack pipes everywhere. Also the movie is filmed in low-key and the weather is cloudy and dark almost throughout the whole movie and that makes Edinburgh look like a sad/dirty place filled with criminals and drug abusers. 3) Characterizations:

The main protagonist is Mark Renton; he is a young boy whose life is overtaken by heroin. He is unemployed and doesn’t study. He is a big fan of ‘’Iggy Pop’’ and has posters of him in his room. We see that the addiction has been going on for a long...
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