Trials And Verdicts

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Trials and Verdicts
Brandy Bledsoe
May 31, 2015
CRJ 100
Week 8 Assignment 2
Professor Jamie Smith

Trials and Verdicts

The constitution is the basis of all criminal law as well as trials and their verdicts. The constitution and the state and federal court systems have been in effect since the nineteenth century. Each and every court case has their own unique processes related to the different courts and how the case made it to any specific one, taking a plea bargain as an alternative to facing trial and what happens to the wrongfully accused will help understand a little more about the ins and outs of trials and verdicts.

Former NFL star Darren Sharper, 39 has pleaded guilty to federal charges of drugging and raping three women in New Orleans, Louisiana. He had previously pleaded guilty to similar charges distributing drugs with the intent to commit rape in Nevada, Arizona, and California. This case started in the Louisiana state courts but has moved on to federal court. The United States Supreme Court will hear this case due to the fact that he has plead guilty in more than one state to drugging and raping women. This case actually has multi-jurisdiction, but in March a resolved all charges in all jurisdictions. He was sentenced to nine years in Arizona for sexual assault, he is expected to do a nine year sentence in California, an eight year sentence in Las Vegas, Nevada. He will serve 10 years total in prison instead of the multi-state sentences. Darren Sharper played football for the green bay packers, the Vikings and the Saints, he starred in the super bowl one as a rookie with the packers and 2010 victory with the Vikings.

Rapper/Singer Chris Brown, 26 has accepted a plea deal for misdemeanor charges for simple assault that happened in October 2013. Apparently Chris Brown punched one or two men who tried to “photobomb” his picture on the streets of Washington D.C. Brown had previously pleaded guilty on felony assault charges in 2009 against at the time girlfriend Rihanna, and was on probation. After Brown accepted the plea deal he was sentenced to time served. According to his lawyers he only accepted a guilty plea deal so that he could go on tour to promote his next album. I do not believe that justice was served due to the fact that he had already plead guilty to a previous FELONY assault as a plea bargain. He has not learned his lesson that you cannot just assault someone because they make you mad.

Michael Kenneth McAlister, 56 was released from prison after 29 long years of being wrongly convicted, and almost civilly committed for a crime he did not commit. McAlister was misidentified by a young south Richmond woman in 1986 who said he abducted and attempted to rape her in her apartment complex laundromat. Richmond police were unaware that Henrico county officers were following Derr to the same apartments and had an undercover female cop to lure the suspect. McAlister was rejected a pardon in 2003 but since then more information has come to light, McAlister was finally granted an absolute pardon, meaning the governor and his staff must review all of the documents and evidence of the case, and he avoids a civil commitment hearing, also a confession from a serial rapist named Norman B. Derr whom resembled McAlister. Help free this man. McAlister is the second man to be sent to prison for a crime committed by Derr. According to the pardon request officers “believe that it is highly improbable that another stocking-mask-wearing, knife-wielding, 6-foot-tall white man with shoulder length blonde hair was terrorizing women at night in the Town & Country apartment complex laundry rooms during the same period in time.” McAlister received a phone call minutes after he was released from the governor of Virginia to apologize for the time of his that had been wasted.

In conclusion, Trials and Verdicts are just a small part to criminal justice system, the three court...

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