True Colors

Topics: Black people, White people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 3 (1184 words) Published: March 6, 2013
In the movie True Colors it was a documentary about two men one white and one black who were doing an experiment in St Louis Missouri in 1991. The two moved into a motel in St Louis and were getting prepared to do the experiment. The experiment was to see how people react to a white person and a black person in different situations. The first situation was at the shopping mall where the two went into a store and as soon has John walked in he got immediate attention from the store manager about if he needs any help trying on anything but a few minutes later as soon as Glenn walked in he was seen by the manager but never got service from him even though he clearly looked as if he needed help picking something out. After they tried that situation they went on to the next which was at a car dealership. Here at the car dealership John went first again and immediately he received service and also had cheap deals about a red car and a low interests rate and down payment and even had one of the employees ask if he could shine his shoes to buy this car. When Glenn walked onto the car lot it took several minutes to receive service from anyone one even though you can see them look at him. He also got screwed on the cost of the same car and also on had a higher down payment and interest rate. After this experiment the group went to go talk to the car lot staff and asked them why the two got different deals and why they didn’t get service as quick as each other. The staff did not want to answer the questions and walked off. The next situation was at a record store where they both went in at the same time and as John had received help Glenn was being followed and surveillanced by the store manager even though he wasn’t doing anything suspicious. These two also locked their keys in their car in a parking lot and were acting as if they were trying to unlock it and many people came to John trying to help him and give him suggestions of what to do and how to open it, But Glenn on...
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