Vodafone Commercial Analysis and Evaluation

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1.Task Description And Introduction2
3.TV Commercial “Where are you?” - Description2
4.TV Commercial “Where are you?” - Analysis4
5.TV Commercial “Where are you?” - Cons And Pros9
8.1 Picture Sources17

1. Task Description And Introduction
Advertising is the connecting factor of a company to its costumer. It is also the communication between those two sectors. In 2011 almost 30 billion Euros were spend on advertisement in Germany. Compared to the year before this is an increase of 1.3 percent. The net earnings also increased by 1.0 percent to almost 19 billion Euros in 2011. TV operators gained 3981 million Euros and are the top sector (ZAW 2012). This shows that advertisement is still increasing in importance in our daily life. We face advertisement every day. Watching TV comes along with watching advertisement. Approximately 15 minutes per hour are filled with commercials about cars, beauty products, toys, groceries and many more. Furthermore TV commercials featuring phone companies are also very usual. Vodafone is one of these phone companies.

How good is Vodafone’s advertisement campaign shown in TV in 2010? In this paper we focus on one of Vodafone’s TV commercials in Germany and examine it by describing, analyzing and evaluating it.

The data used in this paper is from literature research and from reliable sources from the Internet.

2. Vodafone
Vodafone (Germany) is one of the biggest telecommunication providers in Europe. The company employs 12.000 people and its turnover is almost nine billion Euros. Vodafone offers fixed line and mobile telephony as well as Internet services to a total of 37 million business and private customers in Germany. The company is part of the Vodafone Group with 404 million customers worldwide therefore it is also part of one of the biggest providers in the world (Vodafone Deutschland 2012).

3. TV Commercial “Where are you?” - Description
The Vodafone Commercial that will be examined in this paper is called “Where are you?” and has been introduced to the German market in 2010. The commercial is 47 seconds long and shows a man who wallows in memories looking at old Polaroid photos picturing his early love. He picks out one Polaroid and writes “Where are you?” under one of her photos. Then he takes his mobile phone to take a picture of it. Next he sends this digital picture to a friend. The friend is sitting in a lecture and he shows the picture to all his friends in university and they send it to their friends and so on. Soon you can see how this picture is spread across the globe. A taxi driver in a big city knows the picture as well as a man in a tent in the snow in the middle of nowhere. They take notice of it through their mobile phones. A woman is designing a T-shirt with the Polaroid print on it on her laptop. Next you can see how this T-shirt is produced and short after you can see how different people in different areas are wearing T-Shirts or jumper with the picture’s print with the message on it. Lewis Hamilton (a formula 1 driver) wears a T-Shirt on an interview, a singer of a rock band wears it during a concert, it hangs on a laundry line in an eastern country and an Indian person tries to sell it on the street. Different clothes with the print on it are shown. Next you can see a boy who is skateboarding on a board with the print on it. Then you can also see graffiti of her face on walls in big towns. A girl looks at the picture on her tablet while she is lying in her bed. Then you can see people standing in front of a big print of the photo in an art museum. And last but not least there is a huge illuminated display of the woman’s picture on Time Square in New York City. Shortly after you can see that the man who is looking for her is also on Time Square. Then he receives a message of his old love saying “I'm here” with a new picture of...
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