What Is Wrong with the Black Race and What Is the Cause for Their Down Fall?

Topics: Father, Black people, Mother Pages: 3 (345 words) Published: November 7, 2010
Yes, I do agree with Herbert’s assertion that the disintegration of the black

community does reflect the absence of fathers.

Without love and parental guidance (a total of mom and dad), a black child starts

off without a childhood. They are made to struggle and survive in a world that has no

forgiveness or love, because society hasn’t counted them as viable. Black youth

become wary and doubt any kind of kindness or intervention for success. In addition,

without the focus for academic achievement that parents can supply, black children fall

into a void of academia suicide. That is tantamount to doom for the black community.

Number one, the black community, inherently fosters the notion , that scholastic

failure is a viable option for black youth. Inner city schools, routinely accept the fact that

so many students will not graduate and or succeed.

Number two, countless black teenage men, do not accept financial nor parental

responsibility because they themselves have lacked a successful loving and paternal

influence in their lives. Their male role models are often , from angry rap artists and

street gangs. Their fathers are often serving time in prison or have already.

Number three, our government rewards bad behavior and pays misguided black

teenage girls to procreate without conscience. Their children are immediately thrusted

into a social system of dependance on government for housing, medical assistance and


Bill Cosby, several years ago, wanting to change the black communities failures ,

cited the absence of fathers in black childrens’ lives causes such deplorable sadness for

the black race. In turn, his constructive criticism was turned around by the black media,

as that his words were coming from an “Uncle Tom”. Al Sharpton had mixed feelings

about Bill Cosby’s remarks. Mr. Sharpton said that “we shouldn’t relive the general

community of what they’ve...
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