White People and Mrs. Turpin

Topics: White people, African American, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: April 16, 2005
Waiting room is a place where most of story is developed. With Mrs. Turpin's appearance, this room is turned to one small society which has variety of social class, genders, ages, and skin colors. People are classified by the view of rich white woman. Her view of human is very simple; ‘niggers' who are divided into bottom group, ‘white-trash', sometimes even worse than niggers, and home and land owners like herself. All kind of people can be assessed by two criteria – Color and wealth. This was common view to assess people after the civil war, the period when racism still remained and material things began to be important with industrialization. In terms of racism, after the civil war, African-Americans were not slavers and should not be treated as slavers anymore. However, both white people and colored people still thought ‘niggers' are under white people. The conversation between pleasant lady and Mrs. Turpin shows how African-Americans were seen to white people. They are both nice to their black friends and labors, and they are proud of being kind to even niggers. However, their attitude toward black people is nothing but an effort to have a good disposition, and those people are one of the properties which they need to look after. Even the white trash woman directly says, "They ought to send all them niggers back to Africa, that's where they come from in the first place." O'Connor may reflect her thought of equality in women's saying. The women mean ‘the first place' as Africa, however, as O'Connor's Christian view, the first place where human beings from is all same regardless of white, black, the rich or the poor. They are from same place, and of course they will go back to same place after they die. The song flowing in waiting room also connotes this concept. "You go to blank blank and I'll go to mine

But we'll all blank along to-ge-ther,
And all along the blank
We'll hep each other out
Smile-ling in any kind of weather!"
This song saying all of...
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