White People and San Francisco

Topics: United States, White people, Black people Pages: 3 (533 words) Published: July 7, 2012
Chapter 13
Rizal's Visit to the United States (1888)
April 28, 1888
Rizal first saw America
Docked at San Francisco
America was marred by racial prejudice
Discriminatory treatment of the Chinese and the Negroes by the white Americans Took notes of first-hand impressions of America, what he had seen and experienced Arrival in
San Francisco
Arrival in San Francisco
Steamer Belgic
643 Chinese coolies
American health authorities placed
the ship under quarantine
False-cholera claim
Protest of Rizal and other passengers
"The American consul in Japan had given the ship a clean bill of health, and the British Governor of Hong Kong certified to the absence of cholera cases in China." Arrival in San Francisco
Placing of the ship under quarantine
was motivated by politics
To win the votes of the whites in
Public Opinion: Pacific coast was against cheap coolie labor because the coolies from China were displacing white
laborers in railroad construction camps
Arrival in San Francisco
A week after
All first-class passangers including
Rizal were Permitted to land
Second and Third-class accomodations (Chinese and Japanese) were forced to remain on board for longer quarantine period. Rizal in San Francisco
May 4-6, 1988
Rizal in San Francisco
May 4, 1888-permitted to go ashore
Palace hotel
first class hotel
Rizal in San Francisco
“I lodged in Palace Hotel; $4 a day
with bath and everything included.
Stockton St.,312. I saw the Golden
Gate…On Sunday the stores are closed.
The best Street in San Francisco is Market
Rizal in San Francisco
Leland Stanford
Millionaire senator
Representing California
Stanford University at Palo Alto, California
Rizal in San Francisco
Dupont StreetGrant Avenue
Rizal in San Francisco
President Grover Cleveland
Across the American Continent
Across the American Continent
May 6, 1888
Rizal left San Francisco for
Oakland via ferry boat
Train trip across the continent...
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