Why Are Black Boys Failing in School

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McCalip, Quiana
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Why Are The Black Males Failing Within American Educational System?
What Can We Do?
It is easy to point the finger but harder to find a solution as to why the black male child is failing in school. There are several crucial factors that contribute to this epidemic including, parents are not communicating with the teachers, the socioeconomic status of the child's family, and the father's absence in the child's life. Each of these topics intertwine with one another and is preventing a race of young men who will not be given the chance to excel in life.

The worst teachers are the parents. Teaching starts at home from the time the child is old enough to speak, he learns from his parents. We must realize that this is a vicious cycle which must be broken if we are to ever help these young black boys. If a parent is ignorant then they in turn teach their child ignorance. If the parent using profanity and does not speak articulately neither will the child. The main problem is that parents raise their boys until they are able to start school and then they are done. No, learning is a life long process and without involved parents these boys will continue to fail at shocking rates. Perhaps if parents disciplined their children instead of just sending them to school they might actually meet the standard requirements. (Green 7).

In the book titled, Smart Kids, Bad Schools author, Brian Crosby stated, “ If parents did a better job at parenting, schools wouldn't have so many students who exhibit poor behavior.” (Crosby 253). He feels that poor parenting is a direct cause as to why children misbehave in school therefore, resulting in failing grades. He says that the parents of today are “weak, out of control, and litigious.” (Crosby 253). He says, “Disciplining one's child has become as out of fashion as typewriters, record stores, and unpierced body parts.” (Crosby 252). If children are not held accountable for their actions at home then how can the school in turn hold them accountable for their actions at school, Crosby asks.

Another point Crosby points out is if the child is not in school how does the parent expect the child to learn. “Education codes do not allow teachers to penalize students for absences.” (Crosby 255). The parent allows the child to miss school then gets angry at the teacher for giving him a failing grade. We are not living in the 1940's when it was acceptable for a male child to not attend school because he had to work. Richard Wright wrote a book titled Black Boy, where he re-lives his childhood and tells how education was an after thought. During those times the economy was bad especially for blacks in the deep South so in order to survive certain sacrifices had to be made usually education. Wright writes,“ I began school at Howard Institute at a later age than was usual; my mother had not been able to buy me the necessary clothes to male me presentable.” (Wright 28). Once again this type of behavior was acceptable during those times but now it surely frowned upon. Parents of black boys surely do not understand the affect an absence has on a child that is already struggling in their studies. This goes back to my statement that this is a cycle and until we begin to educate parents of black children this problem might continue.

Children learn from their parents, mentors, or whatever other figure is in the household. If their parent has a negative attitude about life nine times out of ten that attitude has rubbed off on the child. The child then goes to school with an attitude and it is left up to the teacher of probably thirty other students to try and break through this wall just to reach the child. Andy Kotner, president of the San Diego chapter of the group California Citizens Against Abuse, said, “ We want parents and their kids to accept responsibility for their actions.” (Crosby 257). Simply...

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