Why Celll Phones Shouldnt Be Allowed

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Teacher Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: April 22, 2012
Annekeyara Turner
Mr. Rodgers
English II
22, April 2012
Why Cell Phones Shouldn’t Be Allowed at School?
As technology advances, cell phones become a frequently used object. Cellphones are becoming a big deal in classrooms. They remain a vast disruption to fellow classmates, and I believe they shouldn't be permitted. 

Phones shouldn’t be permitted at school because they can be a big distraction to learning. Most teachers approve of my outlook on cellphones. Texting during instruction can hurt your grades. Grades on report cards are stumpy due to cell phones. The purpose is because many students don’t participate in instruction instead they are texting, or on the web. (Pew Research survey states) "In 2008 76% student’s texted in class daily." 

In fact, many students with phones never have complete schoolwork, or tasks. Phones are a device for cheating. (Pew Research survey states) "35% states they only have cheated once, 65% say other students cheat, 19% don’t consider getting responses online is cheating, and 20% don’t think texting a friend the answers during a test is cheating."

Many smart phones are usually over $120 dollars, and most families can’t afford.(Pew Research survey states) "23% of ages 12-17 have smart phones." This would create theft in school. Cellphones even cause harassment and rumors. Harassment and rumors cause children to slaughter themselves, or run away. I believe students shouldn’t have phones unless they have special approval from a teacher, principal, or administrator. 

In conclusion, students shouldn't have cell phones at school. Grades will go up. There will be less theft, students will concentrate harder, and more students will be engrossed. We could make our schools a better place, and make our relatives happy.
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