Why did more radical black movements emerge in the late 1960s?

Topics: Black people, Social movement, Civil disobedience Pages: 2 (826 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Why did more radical black movements emerge in the late 1960s? The 1960s was a period of time during the civil rights movement was change was at its peak. Some may argue that the emergence of more radical ways of non violent protest had been the best option for black campaigners to asseverate their aims and issues, whereas others may argue that the emergence of historical figures such as Elijah Muahmmed and Malcolm X had bought about conflict, dispute and the reputation of the civil rights movement to decline drastically. In this following essay I will discuss the reasons as to why radical black movements had appeared in the late 1960s and whether its importance was significant or if their efforts were unnecessary. Before ‘Black power’ had emerged, changes that had occurred were slow and painful for the Black communities spread across America. The laws that had been passed had rarely been enforced, although they were passed as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, such as desegregation in schools and the desegregation on all interstate buses and so on. The members of black power had wanted to focus mainly upon the social issues faced by black people who consisted of poverty and the ways of living in ghettos, which meant that black people were becoming increasingly interested as it had appealed to them and that was a major issue that impacted their life. Impatience grew and according to Vivian Saunders “...America’s ghettos erupted into violence each summer.” This proves that black people had enough, turning to and showing an interest in the radical and violent ways that black power had to offer. This is extremely significant due to the fact that without the slow movement of the civil rights movement, black power would not have interested desperate black people of America at all and the radical forms of protest would not have been necessary. In addition to that there had been reports that were distributed putting an emphasis on the harsh living conditions in...
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