Why Is the Criminal Justice Field Important to Our Society?

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Why is the Criminal Justice Field important to our society?

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It is an unfortunate reality but as the economic conditions get tighter and people become more desperate, crime increases. The American Heritage defines justice as “The quality of being just; fairness. The principal of moral rightness and equality. The upholding of what is just especially fair treatment and due reward in accordance with honor, standards, or law. The administration and procedure of the law. Conformity to fact or sound reason.” In contrast-Injustice is defined as a violation of another’s rights or of what is right; lack of justice, or simply an unjust act; wrong. In viewing both definitions, it is clear to see why Criminal justice is important; Justice takes more than one person or group to uphold the law. This complex matter requires multiple groups working together as a team to up hold justice. When applied to our society, criminal justice is the system that assures fairness and equal treatment to all under its supervision. Why is it important to society as a whole? Without a criminal justice system, we would rapidly decline into anarchy. The strong would take from the weak, the wealthiest among us would rewrite the laws to better serve their interests as they already try to do, and those who were not strong or wealthy would be powerless against the onslaught.

The nation’s founding fathers recognized; almost predicted this potential danger and considered the fairness and rights so important that they drafted an equal branch of power in the Constitution focused on this idea. The Judicial Branch was created for the clarification and enforcement of the law, the Executive and Legislative branches to ensure that every citizen would have equal rights and receive equal treatment. Law enforcement ensures that laws are being obeyed, judges ensure that those who violate the law are punished fairly, and attorneys ensure that everyone has a...

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