Why I Became A Criminal Justice Major

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Why I Became a Criminal Justice Major
Shamica Staten
Career Technical College
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Criminal Justice was a great career for me to pursue because I have a passion for helping others in time of need. Whether it is mentoring someone who is in jail, in court, or helping someone with a traffic ticket or any other type violation. The criminal justice system is a group of institutions that work together to protect the society, and to prevent and control crime, and I feel that, that would be something that I would be interested in learning about. A career in Criminal Justice could be bother rewarding and exciting. Although, the career has a high risk of danger, but being able to capture someone who has harmed another human beings is a gre4at reward. If I do decide to become a law enforcement officer, I’ll be able to help keep criminals off the streets to provide safety to the community. With being a Criminal Justice major the main concern for me would be to mold people who has made a mistake or an individual that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’m a very caring and loving person, and that’s why I selected to major in Criminal Justice. The average salary in Louisiana for any Criminal Justice degree is $38,970.00/16.89 PER HR. The average salary overall (U.S. National) is $58, 720.00. Louisiana is one of the many states that pays the lowest rate among the other 50 states. The higher paying states such as Nevada pays $68, 260.00, New York pays $70, 670.00, and Illinois pays $68,570.00 yearly. I’m okay with the comparisons and Louisiana being one of the lowest paying states for a Criminal Justice degree, because my future plans are to move away from Louisiana. I plan to move to Texas, and the annual mean wage there is $53,030.00 YR. Which is higher than Louisiana’s earning per year. Although, I may have to receive more education to work in Texas, it will all pay off in the future. Once I graduate from...

Bibliography: http://www.criminaljusticedegreehub.com/top-10-most-useful-criminal-justice-majors/
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