Without Blacks in America

Topics: Black people, Race and Ethnicity, African American Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: October 21, 2010
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“What America Would Be Like without Blacks”

The essay entitled “What America Would Be Like without Blacks” written by renowned author Ralph Ellis is a very enlightening essay which brings up very real and very raw issues that American society deals and has dealt with over decades of years. The essay deals with the notion of what America would be like without blacks and tries to answer why anyone even has to fantasize what it would be like. “‘What is ultimately intriguing about the fantasy of “getting shut” of the Negro American is the fact that no one who entertains it seems ever to have considered what the nation would have become had Africans not been brought to the New world, and had their descendants not played such a complex and confounding role in the creation of American history and culture. ” (pg.392). In this thesis Ellis states that although people don’t look at the black race as apart of America they also never think of what America would have been without them. This thesis also states that to the people who think of America with out blacks in it should also realize that the America they know and love would not be what it is had not the black race been apart of it. Over years, over many years particularly in the 1800’s America was trying to face the black race within America, and instead of embracing that maybe they could coexist together in peace they were in a constant battle in which the Black race was always on the loser side of the battle. Years of degrading and hating the Black race ended up bringing the thought of “colonization”. Colonization was a thought or idea which would send all blacks in America back to Africa in a small civilization called “Liberia”. This idea swept up many minds...
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