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Courtroom Workgroup Paper

The courtroom work group consists of the defense attorney, the state attorney, prosecutor and the judicial officer. And the purpose of this work group is to hold meetings prior to official court room trail hearings for a case, in which they assume that the defendant is guilty and negotiate and discuss potential pre trial plea bargains for the defendant. The purpose of these meetings is to save time in closing the case, because all of these procedures are done before the trial and court hearings, so that whatever is decided in the meeting can be negotiated with the defendant to see if the dispute can be settled without there being a need for a full fledged trial. But unlike most people think these work groups are not like they are depicted in the movies or in television, these work groups are actually very familiarized with each other and are not necessarily mortal enemies. Courtroom work groups actually interact with each other daily since there role in the criminal justice system is actually the same; to make sure that justice is served and that the defendants rights are not violated and/or ignored. Me personally, I wouldn't change anything in the way the courtroom work group system works right now. And this is because, to my perspective it is great that all the people involved in solving criminal cases in a specific jurisdiction have such a close relationship with each other, since it most likely help create a better flowing dynamic between all of the people that make up the work group at the time of the actual trial or in the courtroom work group meetings prior to the case being tried.

The prosecutor has many roles and duties when it comes to the criminal justice proceedings but the most important role that the prosecutor serves is that of being the “minister of justice”. The main purpose of the prosecutor is to help the court arrive to a punishment to the defendant that goes accordingly to the crime or offense committed, in...

References: Cji inreactive media modules found on the student website.
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