World War One the Failure of the League of Nations

Topics: World War II, World War I, League of Nations Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: July 7, 2013
Which was more important for the failure of the League of Nations Membership of the league
One of the main reasons for the failures of the league was membership, the reason this was such a big problem is that the USA did not join the USSR did not join and neither did Germany . The USA (Woodrow Wilson) thought up the idea but it did not make it through Congress (this is like the houses of parliament for this country, they all get together and vote on behalf of the country and there individual states) this is because of the wall street crash (the stock market crash) and the USA did not want to be involved European based affairs in case of another economic collapse the USSR was not allowed to join because it was Communist and Germany wasn’t allowed because tedious competition still looming over it after world war one this meant that 2 very powerful countries where excluded because of racism . Another reason is that the four permanent members where France Britain Japan and Italy. France and Britain did not want to take a leading role which was a big problem because they were the most powerful countries in the world , the League needed the input of the superpowers to sustain peace (which is a futile effete because if you want to keep the peace you should not have the biggest navy in the world then should you)and if they aren’t very in-to-it then they won’t want to spend money (wall street crash no country was safe) and men on some “far off land” when the need all the money for the economic recovery. The Abyssinian crisis

This was a grate failure on the leagues behave because unlike the MANCHURIAN Crisis this was a lot closer to home Italy (one of the permanent members of the league) wanted a new empire and had a war with Manchuria . the reason this was the league’s fault was that it had the power to physically delay the Italian army going there . The Suez Canal was...
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