A day when nothing went right

Topics: Public transport, Train station, English-language films Pages: 2 (781 words) Published: October 10, 2013
A day when nothing went right

Oh my god! I’m late! I awake when I heard my mother knock out my door and shouted “why are you still sleeping? You aren’t have a date with your friends? Now already 11 o’clock! “ . Actually I have to reach the railway at 9 o’clock, I have late for two hours! I faster dress up myself and rush to the kitchen went for food as breakfast. However I can’t found any food in the kitchen my mother said that she thought I had go to my dating so she didn’t prepare my breakfast. I give up to had my breakfast and rush out to the nearest bus stop to look for the bus to railway station.

Although I have enough patient to wait for the bus, it didn’t come for one! I can’t wait anymore, I have late! I rushed back to home went to railway station by ride my bicycle. I take my bicycle and rushed down the slope. Suddenly, I felt something wrong with my bicycle. I came down and checked my bicycle. Oh, my bicycle chain lose already! Luckily, there was a bicycle shop down the slope. I slowly pushed my bicycle to the shop and look for help to repair it. I wait at the shop almost a quarter of an hour, the time go so fast! When I reach the railway station, I can’t found my friends. I knew they had go for the shopping mall themself. I called my friend and want to know the place they go. When the phone picked up, I apologize with her and explained the causes of my late.

Then, I bought the ticket at the counter and wait the train come. However, there was a unluckily again. I wait for the train for long time and I asked at the counter to know why the train didn’t came for long time. The counter lady told me that the train had to repair for an hour because the derailment of train. I take a deep breath to calm down myself, what a unluckily day! But I didn’t know, there were many unluckily things waiting for me. At last, I reach the shopping complex, I called my friend to ensure the place they are. They told me they had move to the next...
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