A Raisin In sun

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Raisin in the Sun
Raisin in the Sun is a movie that faces issues in groups as well as the aspects of culture diversity. The team has reviewed the movie and we have reviewed key points to how the movie ties into the aspects of group work. As a team we have reviewed the theoretical model and what diversity and ethical issues are visible in the movie. We have not only learned about the movie A Raisin in the Sun while working on this project, but also we have learned how our team works together and how we think about the movie and the key points in the movie. Aspects of the Group

A Raisin in the sun tells a story of an African American family, the Younger Family living on the South Side of Chicago in the 1950s. During that time in American history the nuclear family was unabashedly patriarchal, however; Mr. Younger passed away and Mrs. Lena (Mama) Younger became the matriarch of the Younger family. Lena received a $10,000 from a life insurance policy due to the death of her husband and this was the task of the group to decide how to spend the $10,000 for the good of the family. Lena wanted to buy a house to fulfill her ream that she wished to share with her husband. She believes buying her family a home is the best and secure way to spend the money. Walter Lee Younger is Lena’s oldest child and only son. He is married to Ruth and works as a chauffeur for wealthy white people. Walter wanted the position of head of the household and wanted the $10,000 to start a business of a liquor store with his friend believing the investment would solve the family financial problems. Ruth discovers she is pregnant but fears that if she has the child, it will put more financial difficultly on the family. She considers abortion. They already have a son, Travis, and are concerned about having another baby and providing a quality education for him. Lena’s daughter, Beneatha,

has her own ideas of using the money for her medical school tuition. At this moment, the Younger Family has no clear leader. There is a power struggle as each of the Younger Family members know what they want to do with the $10,000. Lena wanted to put a down payment on a house for the family. She believed that a brighter, bigger, place of abode would help them all. The house is in Clybourne Park. Clybourne Park is an entirely white neighborhood for them to move into. The Younger Family future neighbors find out that the Younger Family is moving in. Mr. Lindner is from the Clybourne Park Improvement Association Office. Mr. Lindner offered the Younger family money to return back home because the white neighborhood did want any black families to live there. The Younger did not take the offer from Mr. Lindner.

In the 1950s, after WWII, most American families, black or white, were hardworking, God fearing people who wanted a better future for themselves and for their children. However, the lines were drawn. There was very little cultural diversity. Every large metropolitan city was separated by areas of town where black people lived and in which white people lived. In places such as San Francisco there is China Town so, it was just limited to a black and white issue. America is still struggling with acceptance and recognition of cultural diversity. If dialogue was opened during the1950s to encourage respect and mutual understandings people of all race, color and creed people could have the means of leading a more fulfilling intellectual, emotional, moral and spiritual life. Lena was a very strong black woman and risk moving her family to an all white neighborhood to prepare her family for a better life. Walter believed it was his responsibility for the family because he was the oldest male and should be in charge. He strongly wanted to start a business so his family could become independent and free from working from a wealthy white family. There was certainly cultural diversity between the races of blacks and whites. Blacks were suppressed during the 1950s and...
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