I Am Still Learning to Write

Topics: Johor Bahru, Higher School Certificate, Malaysia Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: April 1, 2013
While I was waiting for my STPM (Malaysian Higher School Certificate) result to be released, I visited my eldest sister in Johor Bahru. She is working there as a clerk and part time property agent in a property agency namely WINZIA. I still remembered the first meeting she brought me into as an observer. The meeting is sort of an informal one, mostly focus on training new property agent. Throughout the meeting, I saw the quality of leadership shown by the professional team leader, Mr. Ho which is also superior of my sister guiding the whole team. He inspired the team with the slogan, “work hard, play harder” by covering part of the trip expenses for those who had hit the sales quota in the limited period stated as the team are going to Phuket Island in this coming July for relaxation. When they are talking about that trip, everyone seemed to be in a joyous and high spirit for fighting to hit the quota.

Ever since the meeting, I wondered what is property or real estate and I referred to my sister. She told me a lot but I still don’t understand part of it, so I tried it myself by searching Google. Still, I am cracking my head to figure it out. Since I had developed interest in real estate, my sister encouraged me to take up the real estate course in the university later and upon graduation, I can join her company and take part in the 12 years Iskandar Malaysia project once I grab the chance.
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